Why write every day?

The habit of writing every day.

The importance of writing a page-a-day

Some people call them "morning pages", some call it a "daily page". The important thing is that you are consistently writing as much as possible.

Whether you're just journaling your thoughts, writing a blog post or a new chapter of a book, making a habit of writing is one of most effective ways to help you achieve your writing goals.

Decide what you're trying to accomplish

Why do you want to write more? Is it to be a better writer in general and develop your personal writing style? Is it to develop new content for a book, screenplay or blog?

Whatever the goal, you can make a goal of writing a certain number of pages per week or a target number of words per day.

Email reminders help build a consistent practice

Our customizable email reminders help you develop your writing habit. Set the time of day you want your reminder and writing prompt, and adjust it based on how you work best.

From there, all you need to do is use the built-in editor for a distraction-free space to write.

Learn by doing. Start today.

At Daily Page, we believe that becoming a better writer comes through practice.

Whether it's by using our daily writing prompts, freewriting whatever's on your mind, or leveraging our easy-to-use writing courses, we strive to help people cultivate their writing abilities as much as possible.